I recently sold this 1979 Turbo Porsche to a cat 
in Finland and bought 1986 black Carrera.

Bob Farmer of Indianapolis built the engine and transmission.

Guts include massaged exhaust bowls, Carillo rods, MSD ignition, 964 cams, K27 HF turbocharger, Raceware fasteners, C2 full finned barrels.  B&B Exhaust system, TurboKraft intercooler, Leask adjustable pressure regulator.

17" Lindsey wheels with BFG TAs.  Halon fire system, WEVO shifter lash-up and Innovate Motorsports LM-1 Lambda tuning components. Also has Brumos full front oil cooler. 

Twin Bosch fuel pumps on separate power circuit.

Brad Penn oil.

Shelly's Last Ride - RIP
Brantz Tripmeter - In 930
Auto Imagery photo
Auto Imagery photo
Dead Viper found by the side of the road at 2008 Silver State Classic
My "Adult" 993.  3.6 with 6 speed.  A "go to dinner, everything works" car
Auto Imagery photo
US Nationals final round - Scelzi bites the dust.
Cheap thrills

1986 3.2 Carrera. 5 speed LSD 915 with WEVO shifter and coupler.  SW chip, SSI stainless headers + Monte muffler, Magnecor, Odyssey, stereo delete, 930 calipers and rotors by Rennsport, Pagid yellow pads, 23/31 Smart sway bars, Smart reinforced mounts + steering rack limiters, 23/33 Sanders hollow torsion bars, WEVO front tower bar, engine and transmission mounts, Bilstein RSR revalved shocks, Dart bumpsteer,Elephant polybronz bushings front and rear, 66mm wheel studs, 5 point Sabelt, Recaro Pole Position seats, 17 gallon Fuel Safe bladdered cell, 16" 7 & 9 Fuchs with TOYO 888s, etc.
2012 ride - 993 C2 6 speed.
A good day at Indy.  Slick - Meyer & Sumek win the US Nationals Championship.  September 1986.

Upper right: A bad day at the Gatornationals - Gainesville Florida, April 1, 1995.  My third event driving Frank Colaneri's A/FD out of Boston.   Thanks to Davy Uyehara for a safe car and NHRA personnel/rescue crew and helicopter ride.   
A good day
A bad day
I bite the dust.
2013 cruiser - 
SL500 Mercedes Benz
2013 cruiser - 
Z06 Corvette.  6 speed, B&B exhaust
Street and Race Cars I have aimed
Some good, some that tried to kill me.
Eldon P Slick - TUCSON Arizona Territory  eps930@gmail.com

2014 cruiser - 
Mercedes Benz SLK55 - AMG V8 
...and then a helicopter ride!
2016 Z06